16 August 2013

Updates for Arbed, Zip Classes and CustomEditField

My Zip Classes for Xojo / REALbasic have been updated to v3.3.2, fixing a bug on Linux and improving the demo to handle the case when the destination zip can't be created, letting the user choose a new destination folder.

Arbed, my project editor for REALbasic projects, is currently in beta for supporting Xojo projects. I've just released v1.7.0b7 that fixes a critical issue when saving modified Xojo projects in VCP (textual) format (using extensions .rbvcp or .xojo_project): With previous versions, it could happen that colors of controls and windows would be reset to black (i.e. when a color property uses &c instead of an integer or hex (&h) number for the color code).

Oh, and CustomEditField was recently updated as well, mainly adding improvements on syntax highlighting for REALbasic code.


  1. the customeditfield doesn't work with xojo 2013r3

  2. I have made a download with v1.7.4 available now. This should work with Xojo.