16 August 2013

Updates for Arbed, Zip Classes and CustomEditField

My Zip Classes for Xojo / REALbasic have been updated to v3.3.2, fixing a bug on Linux and improving the demo to handle the case when the destination zip can't be created, letting the user choose a new destination folder.

Arbed, my project editor for REALbasic projects, is currently in beta for supporting Xojo projects. I've just released v1.7.0b7 that fixes a critical issue when saving modified Xojo projects in VCP (textual) format (using extensions .rbvcp or .xojo_project): With previous versions, it could happen that colors of controls and windows would be reset to black (i.e. when a color property uses &c instead of an integer or hex (&h) number for the color code).

Oh, and CustomEditField was recently updated as well, mainly adding improvements on syntax highlighting for REALbasic code.