27 September 2013

Using Xojo or Real Studio? Please help me test Arbed

I am close to releasing the next version of my tool "Arbed" for Xojo and Real Studio project files.

As explained in my previous post, I have added code that performs a self-check to make sure it doesn't miss anything when reading and writing a Xojo project in textual (VCP) format.

If you haven't yet, please download the latest beta from http://files.tempel.org/Arbed/beta/1.7.0/b13/ and launch it, then open your .rbvcp and .xojo_project projects with it. (Either use the "Open" command from the File menu, or drag and drop your projects onto its main "Arbed Drop Pad" window, into the "Project Editor" group box.)

If you get an error or verification failure message, please let me know and I'll fix the issue within a day or two.

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