18 July 2014

Something adventurous for a change (Nelly Cootalot)

Today I'm just helping promote someone else's work.

With this blog being directed mainly to other (programming) geeks, I think you might even be the right audience:

Did you enjoy playing Monkey Island, Leisure Suit Larry and other funny point-and-click adventures? (Though, the first Larrys I played were running still on DOS, without mouse support.)

And do you enjoy british humour?

And, possibly, are you on Steam?

Then have a look at this hilarious Nelly Cootalot promo!

The game is designed by a british film maker, and it's not his first go at an adventure, however this one is made much more professionally. Support his quest for getting the game onto Steam - don't be a coward!

I support this because long time friends of mine are involved in the development and distribution, and at some time I was almost becoming part of the dev team as well. I'd have loved to but I'm already busy with so many other projects I couldn't take on another one.

The game already got its basic funding through Kickstarter earlier this year, and now this is a step up to get onto Steam, giving it a much wider reach.

Also, it'll run on Macs, which is always good.

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