18 February 2014

iClip 5.1.2 with Search and "Smart Sets" now in beta

For the past few years I've taken over the development of iClip 5, a Clipboard / Pasteboard tool for OS X after the original author abandoned it to instead get insanely rich with selling iOS apps and organizing Bundle deals.

iClip is now again in beta testing. The new version adds a search feature that also lets you create smart search sets in order to see ony specific clippings, e.g. only those from a particular applications.

If you like to help testing iClip, even if you've never used it before, please sign up with MacDeveloper, then subscribe to iClip there. The MacDeveloper site helps us (i.e. me and the folks at Irradiated Software) manage bug reports and feature requests, and in return you as a tester can collect points in order to get the software for free if you don't own it yet.

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